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Choose Your Favorite Old-Fashioned Candy

Choose Your Favorite Old-Fashioned Candy

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Choose from many flavors of Old-Fashioned candy. 1 pound bag.

Items like:

Cinnamon Imperials (Red Hots - great to eat or put in applesauce.

Boston Baked Beans - Peanuts in the crunchy red candy coating

French Burnt Peanuts - Peanuts in the crunchy gnarly red candy coating

Lemon Drops - Old-Fashioned hard sucking lemon drops

Candy Blox - Candy Legos. Build and then eat the results

Horehound drops - Old Fashioned hard horehound drops. Great for your throat.

Cherry Sours

Spice Drops

Giant Gum Drops

Candy Pebbles - Just like in years gone by.

Candy Corn - Made by Jelly Belly. The only kind worth eating.

Wine Gums

Jelly Babies

Sweet Allsorts

Smooth & Minty Mints - Just as wonderful as your remember

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