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Happy Father's Day - Sailboat - Card & Box of Candy

Happy Father's Day - Sailboat - Card & Box of Candy

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Ice Pack

Even when you are apart, you can make your dad's Father's Day brighter with a special card and a box of candy.

Something for every taste, from Gummis to Truffles, and from $7.95 to $20.95.

Priority shipping cost without ice pack is $10.40 with 2 to 3 day delivery anywhere in the USA.

Adding an Ice Pack bumps the order up to a Medium box and makes shipping $16.10, but it will hold several items for no additional shipping.

Most of these items are sensitive to heat. During warm weather, an ice pack is required to maintain quality of product.

Father's Day Sailboat card is included in the box. If you would like a message on the inside of the card, please enter it in "Special Instructions for Seller" on the shopping cart page. Since most of these boxes are assortments, please indicate if you have nut or food allergies.

Package contains:
-1 clear window box
-1 Father's Day Card
-1 assortment of candy of your choosing. (see descriptions below)

If this is a gift and you would like us to include a message to your recipient, please include your name as you would like it signed on your note and enter it in the box Special Instructions to Seller on the shopping cart page.


Assorted Gummies - 1/2 pound of our assorted gummi mix

Assorted Sour Gummies - 1/2 pound of our assorted sour gummi mix

Assorted Jelly Belly Beans - 2/3 pound of 49 flavor mix

Assorted Liqueur flavored Cordials - A 1/2 pound mix of Blackberry Brandy, Amaretto, Rum, Sparkling Prosecco and other cordials

Assorted Espresso Beans - 1/2 pound of chocolate covered espresso beans in Milk, Dark, White and Cheetah (mixed) Chocolate

Licorice Bridge Mix - 2/3 pound of Licorice Bridge mix

Assorted Creams - 12 piece soft center creams in assorted flavors like, Burnt Sugar, Dark Chocolate, Raspberry, Mocha, Marionberry and others

Assorted Nuts and Chews - 12 piece clusters, caramels, coconut haystacks and others

Assorted Caramels - 12 piece box of our luscious caramel enrobed in Milk and Dark Chocolate.

Assorted Nut Clusters - 6 of our large nut clusters with assorted nuts like almonds, pecans, walnuts, macadamias, and others.

Assorted Turtles - 6 of our large Turtles (caramel, nuts and chocolate). Assorted nuts and milk and dark chocolate.

Assorted Truffles - 6 of our large beautiful truffles in flavors like Milk Chocolate Mousse, Bittersweet, Champagne, Creme de Menthe, Double Mocha and others

Chocolate Gummi Bears - 1/2 pound - These are amazing

Classic Fudge - just under 1/2 pound each of our Awesome Chocolate and Chocolate Walnut fudges

Caramel Lovers Fudge - just under 1/2 pound each of our Dulce de Leche and Chocolate Turtle fudges

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