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Small or Medium Flat Rate USPS Shipping

Small or Medium Flat Rate USPS Shipping

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Either Small Flat Rate Shipping using USPS Priority Mail. Arrives in 2 to 3 days after shipping.

Choose Small for 1 item:
          1 6 piece Turtle Box
          1 6 piece Truffle box
          1 6 piece Clusters
          1 Chocolate Bunny or Santa
          1 Pound of Candy
          1 Pound Salt Water Taffy
           Up to 2 pounds of Fudge
           6 piece Fudge Assortment
Choose Medium Size for multiple items

          1 9 piece Truffles
           Multiple Chocolate Bunnies or Santas
          1 16 piece chocolate assortment
           More than 1 pound of Salt Water Taffy
           More than 1 pound of Licorice or Gummi candy assorted
           More than 2 pounds of fudge
           Ice Pack for warm weather

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